My First Marathon – Training Day 39

I’ll start out with today’s run stats and then share an interesting story I read about last night. 

Run stats:  56mins 3sec, 4 miles, 650 calories burned.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of where the marathon started, but I didn’t…until last night.  Apparently, in 490 B.C. in the Greek town of Marathon, “the invading Persian army was caught by surprise by the outmanned Athenians, who charged into their ranks and saved the Greek empire”.  So, Pheidippides, one of the Greek soldiers, “was ordered to run to Athens with the news of victory.  His run of about 24 miles from the battlefield of Marathon is considered the first ‘marathon,’ but poor Pheidippides wasn’t as fit as modern-day marathoners.  He entered Athens, exclaimed ‘Rejoice, we conquer!,’ collapsed, and died”.  And “in honor of his feat, the marathon was added to the first modern Olympic games held in Athens in 1896” (Glover, 1996). 

Yet another motivating reason to stick with putting my total weekly mileage “in the bank”…so I won’t suffer the fate of poor Pheidippides!


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